Q: What do you charge to clean air ducts?

A: Currently, we charge $185.00 per furnace system.  This is an all-inclusive price with no extra charges.  It includes the insides of the furnace, all supply vents, all return vents and disinfectant.

Q: What is included?

A: Our cleaning includes all supply and return vents, all trunk lines, plenum chamber (fancy name for sheet metal connecting furnace to air ducts).  We clean the evaporator coils, the blower, the burner and we disinfect with simple green sanitizer.  We also perform a carbon monoxide test and upon request we will show you the inside of your air ducts with our camera systems upon completion of services.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been in business since 1994.

Q: Are you NADCA Certified?

A: We are not NADCA Certified; however, we do follow their guidelines as far as cleaning.  We employ the NADCA’s “Thorough Source Removal” cleaning process, which involves agitation followed by collection or vacuum.  We are not certified due to the fact we feel NADCA’s main purpose is to guide the commercial side of air duct cleaning, not residential.

Q: Does the cleaning make a mess?

A: No, our cleaning process does not make a mess in your home.  Why?  First of all, we use strong truck mounted power vacuums to collect the debris we agitate.  These trucks are actually strong enough to suck piles of bricks off the ground as compared to portable HEPA vacuums that will not suck up half inch screws from the floor.  Second, we divide the system in half between supply and return to prevent dirt and debris from going through the furnace which protects your furnace. Third, our truck is located outside of your home where any possible malfunction will not affect you home as compared to a portable HEPA vacuum that if a seal or filter breaks, your home would be contaminated. Our truck-mounted equipment eliminates the possibility of equipment failures that could contaminate your home.

Q: Do you have to cut a hole in my system?

A: There are some homes we do have to cut a hole into the duct system, as the builder did not put them in during construction, however; most of the time they are already there and sometimes there is no need for a hole depending on your air duct designs.  There are many ways to clean properly and we are fully trained in all of them.

Q: What is the name of your disinfectant?  Is is safe to stay in my home?

A: We use Simple Green brand sanitizer.  This is a nontoxic, all natural product.  This is a great service provided with all air duct cleanings.  Please note, that due to 90% of homes in the Northern Virginia area containing insulation or duct lining, simply disinfecting without removing insulation or lining will not be completely effective.  Therefore, we question any companies that use disinfectant as an add on sale.  We have never had anyone have an adverse reaction to our Simple Green sanitizer.

Q: Do you use HEPA filters?

A: We do not use HEPA filters, as HEPA filters are used on portable vacuum equipment, we use truck-mounted power vacuums that have no use for HEPA filters because the trucks stays outside, the HEPA filters only purpose is to filter the dirt and particles from the air portable vacuums exhaust inside your home.  Since our truck is outside, there is no need for HEPA filters.

Q: Do you use portable vacuum or truck mounted vacuum?

A: We use truck mounted vacuums.

Q: What is the difference?

A: First, let me say that any vacuum source will clean an air duct system, from a common household shop vac to an upscale power vac air duct truck.  Do not believe any competitor that claims his vacuum is so powerful it cleans better.  The truth is, no vacuum in the world will suck the dirt out of your air duct system.  It must be agitated and forced into the vacuum stream.

Portable Equipment – Portable equipment at best has 2000cfm (cubic feet of air per minute).  This will not even lift a half inch screw off the floor.  It also contains a HEPA filter and because it is brought inside your home, it needs a thorough filter system to keep the air inside your home uncontaminated.  Therefore, if any type of leak develops within the seal of the portable HEPA filter, it will contaminate the home.  Also, if the filter is not changed every third cleaning, it releases the contaminated air through the exhaust into your home.  A portable system will clean an air duct system thoroughly, 100%, but it will take much longer than a truck mounted air duct truck because your duct system will need to be zoned typically into 5 separate zones to reduce the area under vacuum to accommodate the weaker vacuum source on the portable.

Truck Mounted Equipment – A truck mounted  air duct truck pulls 12,000cfm(cubic feet per minute) and can even suck a pile of bricks off the ground!  There is no need for HEPA filters on an air duct truck because the filter bag is outside your home.  Even if a leak develops, it is not going to harm anything and there is no risk of a mess or contamination in your home.  The air duct truck will clean your home 100% thoroughly with less time and effort….time is money!

Q: Do you clean flex ducts?

A: Yes, however; we do not send brushes or whips through them as damage can occur.  We have high powered pressure hoses to clean them without damaging them.  We simply use air agitation.

Q: Why should I use you over another company?

A: Because we have been in business for 15 years and we are owner-operated.  We use truck mounted power vac equipment.  We follow NADCA Guidelines following the “Thorough Source Removal Process”.   “A”  We have a NO-RISK guarantee.  In other words, if we can’t satisfy you, you don’t owe us one penny!  We never have hidden or extra fees and last but not least, we specialize in duct cleaning…it is all we do!

Q: Do you zone the air duct you clean?

A: We do not zone the system when we clean.  That only applies to companies that use portable equipment, where the source is much weaker than our air duct trucks.

Q: How long is the cleaning process?

A: Our process takes approximately 2 hours.  Many factors contribute to the actual time estimate such as the house design, the size of the home and the duct design.

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