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“My home is dusty I can clean my house from top to bottom and the next day I find dust on furnishing throughout my home it never ends “, I hear this complaint from our customers in northern Virginia quite often, says Dan, owner at Virginia-z- finest. This can be a result of one or more problems. The most common and easiest to fix problem would be dirty air ducts , dirt and debris build up over time inside your air ducts and circulates in the air stream throughout your home, every time the heating and cooling system comes on . This is an easy fix with a proper cleaning from Virginia-z- finest air duct & carpet cleaning. We recommend an air duct cleaning every 2 to 4 years depending on number of people and animals living in your home, construction projects, and regular filter changes every 30 days, and housecleaning upkeep.


Now we get into the more complex issues that can cause excess dust in your home, leaking air ducts. This is a hidden problem that requires expert experience to solve. Insulation and dust in attic can infiltrate the duct work through leaks and gaps and find its way into your home. Your homes duct work is made from many ducts connected together that have gaps and leaks many of these cannot be seen as they are hidden inside walls, crawlspaces, attics and chases. Over time these leaks will build up dust and debris in these areas and when you clean your air ducts the debris in these areas is left behind allowing it to be sucked back into the air ducts and your home through a venturi vacuum effect in fact the problem can be far worse now since a newly cleaned system air flows much stronger than before it increases the venturi effect and allows more of the debris that leaked into wall cavitys, attics crawlspaces and chases to flow back into your home. The experts at Virginia-z- finest can fix this problem first we will identify whether this can be fixed with a manual duct sealing or a state of the art flow seal computerized air duct sealing from the inside. Flow seal will produce the tightest seal possible for your air ducts it provides accurate before and after air leakage computer reports and injects a sealant into your air ducts that builds up on the leaks and gaps up to 5/8” without coating the air ducts. it also allows us to take pressure flows of individual vents in order to pressure balance the air flow in the home . The flow seal air duct sealing commonly fixes issues with hot and cold zones, low air flow vents, high utility bills, dusty homes, odors, mold, newer high seer hvac units installed on existing duct work that leak and rob the high seer efficiency. The cost of this service is often recouped within the year from utility savings and home comfort. Not to mention the EPA states that air duct sealing is the single most cost effective repair that can be done to your home. Give Virginia-z- finest air duct and carpet cleaning a call we have a solution for you 703-986-3737


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